Blue Window Arts
Luscious Hand-Made Paper, Greeting Cards, Wall Sculptures, Posters, Mobiles

I am Wendy Rochman. Blue Window Arts is my studio and store. I make hand made paper and use it in a variety of other art forms. I design each unique edition of my hand-made paper for specific visual and textural qualities, adding Rocky Mountain seeds, petals and leaves as inclusions.  Sometimes I recreate the look of particular elements in nature such as rocks or sky, sometimes I go for a visual "feeling" such as dappled sunlight on fluttering leaves. These art papers become the palette for my intricate collages and wall sculptures of native Colorado birds, trees, mountains, streams and flowers.  

Many of my images are available as greeting cards.  I also use the paper to create mobiles, encaustic bas reliefs, and you never know what else I might experiment with.  

My other passion is for facilitating Public Art by and for the public.  To this end, I am available to facilitate public art projects for groups of any size.  Feel free to contact me directly to discuss projects for your group.

Want to ignite your own creativity? I will design art classes in a variety of media especially for you and your group.  Individual attention is my speciality.

"Creating beauty is a radical act" -Wendy R. Rochman, M.Ed.