Blue Window Arts
Luscious Hand-Made Paper, Greeting Cards, Wall Sculptures, Posters, Mobiles

Are you interested in diving deeper into yourself?
Have you always wanted to create art?
Have you been told that you are not an artist and never since took the time to explore your creativity?
Do you seek a more balanced life?
Have you ever colored?
If you answered yes to any of these questions these workshops are for you.


Blue Window Arts provides workshops for adults who seek to raise their level of visual artistic skills. Art workshops are available in papermaking, collage, painting, mixed and other media.  The instructor, Wendy Rochman, M.Ed. is a practicing artist and arts educator whose work is exhibited in major museums, private art collections, and in some cases on view in public spaces. Wendy cares about the artistic advancement of each of her students, welcoming interested people at all skill levels. 
Minimum class size is four students. -- Maximum class size is eight students.

Contact Wendy directly to schedule a class.