Blue Window Arts
Luscious Hand-Made Paper, Greeting Cards, Wall Sculptures, Posters, Mobiles

Community Art Facilitation per hour Fee


Humanity's vast ability to create is more than a unique characteristic.  It is a basic need. Creativity is what distinguishes our species from all others.  Being creative give us joy, makes us think for ourselves, grows our brain, and encourages communication.  Creativity is what makes us human.              
The community art projects I facilitate are unique as they are designed and produced by and for the people closest to the project. Working with schools, neighborhood associations, and co-housing communities, art by and for the people is blooming in North and South Boulder.  Contact me if you are interested in getting a mural project going in your school, community, or business. 

I believe that the deficit of free creative time we afford ourselves in this data driven world is the reason human society has become so destructive. I devote my life to encouraging and facilitating creativity in others as well as in myself.